A Database Designed for Homeopaths' Remedy Notes
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The Background to RemedyNotes

Hi, I’m John Carpmael - pictured here with my wife, Ali.

I’ve been practising as a Homeopath since 1994 when I graduated from the British School of Homeopathy. I have a busy practice in Suffolk, England.

Before becoming a Homeopath, I worked as a Systems Analyst - designing computer systems for Abbey National, The Stock Exchange and a couple of merchant banks in the City of London: Schroders and Flemings. 

When I moved from the world of finance to the world of Homeopathy, I took with me my interest in using computers to make life simpler and easier. In 2000, I created a practice management system called Double Happiness to help me to run my practice more efficiently. Double Happiness now belongs to my professional body - the Society of Homeopaths - and is used by over a hundred Homeopaths worldwide.

I have now produced a new software program called RemedyNotes. 

The idea of RemedyNotes is to provide a place where you can quickly create notes at seminars and workshops or when studying. And then to make it easy to access those notes when you need them - while taking a case or prescribing or researching.

RemedyNotes puts the information at your finger tips with comprehensive indexing and search options.

If you have any comments or queries, if you find a bug or you have an idea to improve RemedyNotes, do please get in touch - I'd love to hear from you !