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Frequently Asked Questions

I am changing to a different computer. How should I move my copy of RemedyNotes ?


Sometimes the move will be from a PC to a PC or from a Mac to a Mac. Sometimes it may be from a PC to a Mac or even from a Mac to a PC. 


Whichever it is, the process is the same. Make a copy of the RemedyNotes 1.0 folder. Place it on the Desktop of your new computer. Then go to the website - - and request a free Demo copy of RemedyNotes.


When you install the Demo copy onto your new website, it will check to see whether there is a copy of the RemedyNotes 1.0 folder sitting on the Desktop and if there is, it will take the data from there and incorporate it into the new folder that it has just installed.


The folder on the Desktop will be deleted and you will be left with a new RemedyNotes 1.0 folder in your Documents folder. It will not be a Demo version - it will be the copy you had on your old computer.


What will happen if I let a friend copy my RemedyNotes ?


The clone should work well on your friend's computer. However, RemedyNotes makes use of a system of re-registration - so from time to time your copy of RemedyNotes will ask you to get a new registration code to allow it to continue to work as normal.


When this happens, both you and your friend will be looking to re-register and at that point one of you will have to pay for a new licence. And the person who buys the new licence will find that the notes they had created up to that point will have the previous licence code attached, which will mean that they will not be available for sharing, using RemedyNotes sharing process. Which will be a shame.