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Create your own Rubrics

As you build up the notes in your copy of RemedyNotes, you will be creating the basis for your own Repertory.

RemedyNotes automatically creates rubrics out of whatever you are looking at.

In the example above, we are looking at the Category screen. RemedyNotes uses categories to index your notes. And it also uses categories to create family trees. So categories are linked both to notes and to remedies. You can create as many categories as you want. 

Here the category is called Sodium. And you will see that in the top right corner there is a rubric. 

You cannot see all of it on screen. The full rubric looks like this:

Sodium: Ant-n-l., Aur-m-n., Aur-n-f., Aur-ts-n., Bor., Borx., Calc-ln., Kali-nat-t., Mercs-n., Nat-acet., Nat-ae-s., Nat-ar., Nat-be., Nat-bi., Nat-bic., Nat-bis., Nat-bor., Nat-br., Nat-c., Nat-cac., Nat-caust., Nat-ch., Nat-chor., Nat-chr., Nat-cit., Nat-cy., Nat-f, Nat-f., Nat-form., Nat-gchol., Nat-gent., Nat-gl., Nat-glt., Nat-gp., Nat-hchls., Nat-hmp., Nat-hox., Nat-hp., Nat-hsulo., Nat-i., Nat-lac., Nat-m., Nat-mar., Nat-met., Nat-meth-ar., Nat-meth., Nat-mlb., Nat-moly., Nat-mvan., Nat-n., Nat-nic., Nat-ns., Nat-o., Nat-ol., Nat-ox-act., Nat-ox., Nat-p., Nat-perm., Nat-prop., Nat-pyru., Nat-s-c., Nat-s., Nat-sal., Nat-sel., Nat-sil-f., Nat-sil., Nat-stann., Nat-suc., Nat-sula., Nat-sulo., Nat-tar., Nat-taur., Nat-tel., Nat-tmcy., Nat-uric., Nat-val., Nat-van., Plat-m-n.

Did you realise how many sodium salts we have amongst our remedies ?

The rubric is created automatically with the category name followed by a colon and a space, and then between each remedy abbreviation you get to choose what separator to use - in this case it is set to be a comma and a space.


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