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Share 4 Free

It is really easy to share your data with friends and colleagues. 

One of the options is to make your information freely available. And one way of doing that is to send a file to me at - I will have a look at it and if it looks appropriate, I will add it to the list of free sharing files that can be downloaded from this page.

Of course, I will need to be sure that the files don't infringe someone else's copyright.

Just to start things going, here is a file from my own copy of RemedyNotes. It is based on an index that I created over a number of years, of articles and reviews I read in journals - especially in the Society of Homeopaths' "The Homeopath". If you happen to have the same magazines on your shelves, it could be a useful additional resource: you never know where inspiration may come from !

Click on the link below to download the file and then go into RemedyNotes, to the Sharing screen and go into the Import tab.

                                                RemedyNotes Free Share 1