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Sharing RemedyNotes records
between Friends and Colleagues 

One of the great attractions of RemedyNotes is that you can share your notes with your friends and colleagues - and of course, they can share their notes with you.

That means that if you have to miss a lecture but a friend who uses RemedyNotes goes, they can share their lecture notes with you. 

And if you are giving a lecture or a seminar, you may want to prepare your notes on RemedyNotes ready to share with the participants, so that they can do less note taking and more listening.

Of course you don't want to think once you've shared your notes that they will become public property. So RemedyNotes restricts the records which can be passed on - basically if you created the note, you can share it. But if someone else created it and shared it with you, you cannot share it on to someone else.

There are always going to be ways of getting round this restriction, but it will at least put a slight brake on the easy onward distribution of notes.

As well as your notes, you can share remedy records and family tree records that you have added to keep pace with your expanding knowledge of remedies.

Sharing information has always been at the heart of Homeopathy. RemedyNotes can strengthen that tradition.

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