A Database Designed for Homeopaths' Remedy Notes
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Hi. I thought it might be helpful if I created some training videos to introduce RemedyNotes to you and to show you just what you can do with it.

RemedyNotes is a very simple thing - a database. And a database is simply a set of files which link one to another. But even a simple thing can seem quite complex when you first meet it ! So some training is always helpful

If in doubt, watch the videos in the order that I've set them up - or if you are stuck on a particular issue, view the one that comes closest to where you have the problem.


1. How to Install the Demo

2. An Overview of the System

3. The Remedy Table

4. The Notes Table

5. Sharing Data: Exporting

I hope everything works well. Do email me if you have any questions or queries

John Carpmael