A Database Designed for Homeopaths' Remedy Notes
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You can now use RemedyNotes on your iPad !

To use RemedyNotes on your iPad you must first install an app called FileMaker Go. This is a free app.

RemedyNotes is created using FileMaker database software. So using Filemaker Go you can run RemedyNotes on your iPad.

Once you have FileMaker Go installed on your iPad, you will need to transfer two files from your PC or Mac computer using iTunes. The files to transfer are RemedyNotes.remno and RemedyNotes Old.remno

You will now have two copies of RemedyNotes, one on your computer and one on your iPad. But you will not be able to sync the two copies, so it is really important to only add data to one of your two copies.

You will be able to transfer your iPad copy back to your computer and vice versa.


If you have any questions or queries, do email me.

John Carpmael