A Database Designed for Homeopaths' Remedy Notes
Welcome to RemedyNotes

RemedyNotes is a powerful computer database designed by a Homeopath

 to meet the needs of Homeopaths. 

It is a space into which you can type or copy your notes and set up your own indexes and cross-references, so that it is always easy to find your information when you need it.

Once you have input your notes to RemedyNotes, you can always share them with your friends and colleagues. Or maybe you know someone else who uses RemedyNotes who can share their notes with you !

And as well as making it easy to store your notes and to access them, RemedyNotes allows you to get an understanding of the relationship between remedies using the concept of Family Trees. A Family Tree lets you see the context of an individual remedy and connects it to other, related remedies.

A database is a tool that gives you the ability to index and cross reference your notes in a simple, flexible but very powerful way.

RemedyNotes runs on PCs and Mac computers. 

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Homeopaths have been very lucky to have so many wonderful computer Repertory programs available to them - MacRepertory, ReferenceWorks, Radar and Isis to name just a few.

In addition they have access to an excellent practice management program in Double Happiness.

But until now they have not had any dedicated software to address the issue of how best to maintain and access the notes they take at seminars and when studying. RemedyNotes fills that gap !

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- Have all your notes in one place

- Have your notes indexed and 

cross-referenced so that it's easy to search and find your information

- See which remedies are related:

Explore the Family Trees of remedies

- Share your notes with friends and colleagues

- If you are presenting a seminar, give out your notes in the form of RemedyNotes files

- Make more use of the seminars you go to and the books you study

- Have all your information available when you come to prescribe

- Create your own rubrics


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